Our Philosophy

Social skills and emotional success are what ultimately guide us as adults. At Clubhouse Stars, we believe that children and teenagers are most successful when they are confident and resilient.

To accomplish our goals, we focus on the whole person. We believe that with support and guidance, children and teenagers can learn to successfully navigate interactions with others. We use a variety of techniques such as modeling, teaching how a skill looks when it is successfully implemented, role-playing to help children “try out” real interactions, positive reinforcement and cooperative projects. They can feel safe, respected and comfortable in our environment. Cooperative Project

We understand that each person is an individual and we take individual concerns and incorporate them into our program. We collaborate with parents, guardians and/or schools to formulate individual goals focusing on social skills deficits. Our program extends beyond the classroom walls.

All of our participants are provided with the tools necessary to meet their full potential. Developing positive peer relationships is essential to a person’s emotional health and happiness. Reaching the proper techniques and providing the necessary information in order to be successful is at the forefront of our programs. Social success impacts a person’s achievement in school, their career path and their lifelong relationships.